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Interested in having your own webpage?

Dluxlink personal webpages are free with every Dlux user account. Personal webpages are a fun way to tell a little about yourself and have some of your favorite links on it. You are allowed 50 megs of storage for your page. 

HTML Tutorials:

BuildFree HTML Tutorial - Totally free websites!

Ken Ward's HTML WebPage Tutorial - A rather easy tutorial in HTML for the beginner, although there is information that the more experienced might find useful.

HTML Goodies - A great place to learn how to perform special functions like frames, java scripts, CGI, forms, and more. Online tutorials.

HTML Writers Guild - An online organization that offers many resources to both the beginning HTML programmer and the expert.

Troubleshooting tips and things to remember!

  1. Is the name of your primary page index.html?
  2. Are all of your links and pages in lower case?
  3. Did you put your pages in the /public_html directory?
  4. After you upload your files your page can be accessed at:
  5. Once your page is complete email our webmaster to have it added to the members page

Uploading your Website

Download an FTP program from above after the program is installed, run the program 
host address=home.dluxlink.com
user id= your username only
password=your password
put a check mark in save password

after you dial-in hit the ok button, that will connect you to the remote system, from there double click the public_html directory that is where you upload you web pages 


Counters provided by Dluxlink work as cgi tags in your pages. To add a counter insert one of the following tags highlighted in red into your page:

<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/counter40"--> for the number (17)

<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/counter40-ord"--> for ordinal (17th)

Once the tag is inputted in your page email our Webmaster so he can activate your counter.  Be sure to tell the webmaster your username and the name of the page the counter is on.


Other Questions or Suggestions

Email our Webmaster for any questions or suggestions about this website



Phone:  479-751-5097



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Send mail to webmaster@dluxlink.com with questions or comments about this web site.