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Domain Name Set Up

An Internet addressable domain name can be registered to locate your web site as well as your e-mail, without the need for on-site hardware. Domain name registration takes between 24 and 48 hours to complete. Your domain name will be registered for two years after which you will be required to re-register.

Two Year Domain Name Registration - $70.00

Why register a domain name?

Having your own domain name will make your organization's name and any services associated with it available to anyone on the Internet. For example, if your company is named Big Corporation, you could register as bigcorporation.com. This way, all Internet services dealing with your company would have your own name attached to them. You could put up a web site as www.bigcorporation.com or have e-mail sent to you at your_name@bigcorporation.com. With your own domain, it will be much easier for your customers to find and remember your site on the Internet.

How do I choose a domain name?

The first part of the name, bigcorporation, is the part that you determine. The second part, .com, is called a Top Level Domain. The TLD for a business is usually .com or .net. If you are registering a non-profit organization, the TLD is usually .org. There are many other TLD's, but these are the three you are most likely to use. The rules of determining what your domain name will be are:

1. The name may only contain letters, numbers, or a hyphen. Other characters such as ? or ! cannot be used.

2. A domain name can be up to 26 characters long, including the 4 characters of the TLD (.com, .org, etc).

You may use the form located below to check to see if your domain name is available.  if your first choice is not available you can try a hyphen between words or even try the .net TLD.

Domain Name:
. com

 I Found my domain name, what is next?

Fill out our domain registration form and we will verify the information and submit the request for you.


Phone:  479-751-5097.



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